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Rules List

1. There shall be no flaming of any kind of any user - The rules now apply to S4: Source as a whole. I do feel you can argue. I do feel you can have disagreements, but please do not blatantly put a player on full blast if you do not like them. PMs plox.

2. There shall be no spam or unnecessary posting - Now I know that the site is not perfect. I know you are prone to double or even triple post, but you can edit your posts or ask a moderator to delete them. There is no reason I should see "Pie" or "bump" a thousand times on the forum. Please use your common sense when posting.

3. Respect thy neighbor - This is pretty simple. Just respect each other. I would like you all to not put each other down. Sure, I can tell when you're joking and this might not be enforced as much, but calling people noobs or showing incredible elitism while being a prick about it is not condoned. That's arrogance and destroys the community values.

4. Post topics where they should be posted - Self explanitory. I don't want S4 League pictures in the General Discussion when people expect them in eSper Station. That's why it's there. Again, this is not so much enforced unless maliciously done so.

5. No trolling - I name this specifically because it's a lot like flaming. If you must be a disruptive, insolent, and inscrupulous blight on our community, than you do not need to be here. So exercising sarcasm religiously and breaking the rules with the intention of being annoying or incite/instigate (for example, say a person tries to argue they are not trolling, but come up with inane excuses to worm their way out of it, that's inciting and instigating).

6. Respect yourselves - This may be the internet, but I do expect you to respect yourselves. Treat yourself with respect as a person and not feel like you need to front or be someone you're not in order to be here. This is a place for everybody to have fun and grow with one another, not play who has the biggest kahoonas.

7. Do not advertise or solicit any activities not pretaining to S4 League without permission (even if it has something to do with S4 League) - Okay, so I do enjoy affiliates, but you need to PM me about them first. I don't want you to post places outside of the site not JUST because I'm afraid you all will leave the community ;-; but because it's our space collectively. We make sure there are no ads on the site so placing some on here without permission is not okay.

8. There shall be no ego-tripping - As of 9/8/10, it is now illegal for you to post screenshots or threads that have anything to do with a score, achievement, or any kind you made in a game so you can self-promote yourself or put down others. Any threads will be closed and you will receive a warning.

Aside from these eight, I only ask you to use your common sense. If you feel it's bad, don't do it. You will be warned 3 times, and then you will have consequences brought upon you. I've informed the mods that they should not ban you for being in their face, but they're every day dealing with the problems of the site and working FOR YOU to have the best experience. So all I ask, not as a rule, but as favor to me, please respect the staff and treat them like family.

Anyway, that's all there is for now. If things arise and this needs to be editted, just PM me and I'll be sure to add or subtract a rule from here.


Additional rule has been added regarding necroposting and we now have set rules and punishments for it. [Applies to ALL forums]

Do not necropost - You just don't do it. We now define necroposting as posting in a thread that has not been posted in for two weeks.
You will get TWO verbal warnings, meaning we will send you a total of TWO PM's before we start dealing with punishment. For every necropost after you get the two verbal warnings, you lose a day of posting privilage.
For example, after your two warnings:
-Remove posting privileges for a day-
-Remove posting privileges for two days-
and so on and so forth.

We may close threads that get rezzed, so start checking the last post dates guys.

User behavior Policy
In the effect that someone disregards the rules above, the staff of S4 Source reserves the right of the many options to deal with the issue. If the issue exceeds the normal parameters of offense, special circumstances will be done. Per this policy, this policy clarifies that if flaming, trolling, insulting, posting inappropriate materials such as porn, gore, and deformed/photoshopped pictures of denizens here, unsolicited videos of denizens here, and personal threats has been done, the following actions will be taken:

Actions staff are sanctioned to do
  • You will have your post removed, inflammatory content edited out or censored, and receive a warning.
  • You will be put on moderator preview. This means a moderator must approve your posts before they are seen. The time is at the staff's discretion.
  • Your posting privelages will be removed completely. Only PMs and viewing threads will work.
  • Your account will be suspended, and in some cases, deleted if necessary.
  • You will be IP-banned and reported to your service provider (extreme case).
  • You may have your tournament participation revoked or be banned from any further tournament participation.

If you have an issue, please report this to the head Root Administrator, Reiki, if you have any disputes with these policies.